" Sonovision confirms its position in the space industry "

On December 21, 2011, the Managing Director of Sonovision Laurent GAUTRET signed a new 5-year contract with ARIANESPACE CEO Jean-Yves LE GALL for the provision of configuration management and document management services. This contract is the culmination of a process for the renewal of the industrial operation & maintenance contracts of the Space Centre which was initiated in late 2010 by ARIANESPACE. Sonovision is particularly proud to be part of the contractors who have been able to respond to the exact requirements specified by ARIANESPACE in the new contracts. The new contract will be performed in partnership with Telespazio by a dedicated team of engineers and technicians whose mission will be to ensure the ongoing availability and reliability of the technical data concerning the ARIANE 5, SOYUZ and VEGA launchers. Sonovision welcomes this renewed confidence of ARIANESPACE with great satisfaction, as it further demonstrates the capability of Sonovision to remain a major player in the space branch of the document engineering market.

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